Clients and Partners

Clients and Partners

FOSS (, the research center for sustainable energy of the University of Cyprus has recently secured a significant investment in advancing research and innovation in the field of intelligent, efficient, and sustainable energy systems. The establishment of the PHAETHON Research and Innovation Centre of Excellence marks a pivotal step towards fostering collaboration between various stakeholders, including the government, private enterprise, academia, and the European Union.

With €50 million in funding, PHAETHON CoE is poised to become a leading institution in its field, driving advancements in autonomous and self-sustained energy systems. The collaboration between the EU Horizon Europe “Teaming for Excellence” Programme, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus, a private enterprise, and the University of Cyprus demonstrates a strong commitment to addressing the global challenges of energy sustainability and efficiency.

This investment will enable PHAETHON CoE to undertake cutting-edge research, develop innovative technologies, and implement solutions that contribute to the transition towards a more sustainable energy landscape. Moreover, the establishment of such a center of excellence underscores the importance of international cooperation and public-private partnerships in driving scientific progress and addressing pressing societal needs.

The collaboration between the Phaethon CoE and MEGGITT in 2023 represents a strategic alliance aimed at delivering innovative solutions to optimize plant performance in the energy sector. By combining Phaethon’s expertise in research and innovation with MEGGITT’s seasoned professionals in the industry, the partnership seeks to address the needs of investors, asset managers, technical advisors, and operations and maintenance (O&M) professionals.

The collaboration entails the development and implementation of advanced technologies and methodologies designed to enhance the efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of renewable energy assets. By leveraging Phaethon’s research capabilities and MEGGITT’s industry experience, the partnership offers comprehensive solutions tailored to the specific requirements of energy stakeholders.

Clients and Partners

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