What Sets us Apart

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What particularly stands out is our collaboration with the Phaethon Center of Excellence. This collaborative approach ensures that MEGGITT stays at the forefront of technological advancements in solar asset optimization. By developing new methodologies and continuously improving existing ones, we are not only driving innovation but also ensuring practical applications in real-life scenarios. 

Overall, MEGGITT’s dedication to optimizing solar asset performance and its commitment to collaboration and innovation position it as a leader in the renewable energy sector. Our efforts contribute significantly to advancing the adoption and efficiency of solar energy worldwide.

We combine theory and research with market experience. Having the University research center by our side we have established the best methods possible to optimize our analysis.
We are hardware agnostic, technology driven and backed up by highly skilled research oriented scientists. AI techniques such as machine learning and progressive algorithms enable data analysis at a more precise and accurate level.
We use a sophisticated method to elevate the management of your renewable assets. Our algorithmic approach integrates weather adjusted data, fault detection and predictive preventive maintenance which offers a data driven strategy for optimising operational efficiency.
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